All You Need To Know About Clipping Path Service

Images are a powerful tool for any business. Visual content is vital to sustaining a business’ online presence. Anyone can take good quality images, but if you want to utilize them for your business, campaign, advertisement, or any other commercial activity, you need an expert's touch. Editing software can convert a simple picture into a high-quality professional image.

The evolution of technology has introduced many image editing software, with Photoshop being the most famous. Over time, Photoshop experts have developed many essential techniques to enhance and edit images; one of them is the clipping path.

Let’s take a look at what a clipping path is, before moving into the details.

Clipping Path

A clipping path is a technique for removing a photo's background. It is also known as a "deep etch" in Adobe Photoshop and creates a closed vector shape or path with a pen tool to cut out portions of images. Anything that is not within the path, is removed from the image. This powerful technique is used in cutting, changing, or replacing a background according to a customer’s requirement. Many photographers also use this tool to change the background color.

Types of Clipping Path Services

Basic Clipping Path

A basic path is the easiest and constitutes the primary category of clipping path services. It is often used to remove the background of small items with mostly bent edges like books, spoons, mobile phones, containers, etc.

Simple Clipping Path

A simple path is slightly more complicated than a basic path. It is used to remove the background of items that have holes, informal edges, and bends than those of basic clipping path services. It removes the background of chairs, mugs, rings, etc. Jewelers, leather merchants, and watch dealers' online stores mostly use this clipping path service.

Medium Clipping Path

Designers use a medium path to remove the background of objects that have more anchor points than a simple clipping path service. This service is applied to products with multiple holes, complex curves, and corners like bracelets, motor parts, etc. This path requires more concentration and effort as it is harder than basic and simple clipping path services.

Complex Clipping Path

This technique is used to remove the background of items with complicated edges and multiple holes with complicated shapes, and different levels of transparency.

Any object with fur or hair, netting, fashion models, and groups of complex items require this path. This clipping path service is very time-consuming, as it is applied to a combination of simple and compound-shaped items.

Multiple Clipping Path

This technique uses multiple paths on the same image to change the different components of the photo. You apply a clipping path on the same image multiple times on different parts or the same part.

This clipping path service is ideal for complications in images or groups of products that require color alterations or color correction in specific areas. E-commerce websites’ products, fashion design, and catalogs mostly use this path.

Super Complex Clipping Path

A super complex path is used on products that have zigzag designs and where you have to maintain the product's original shape. The product is usually a combination of many compounds and complex shapes like trees, fences, building gates, etc.

This process is time-consuming and requires dexterity and professional touch to achieve the desired results. Professionals have to deal with numerous holes, curves, zigzags and have to use several paths to complete the task. Interior designers and architects mostly use this technique.

Uses of Clipping Path

This technique is used for several purposes such as:

  • Background Removal
  • Transparent Background
  • Color Alteration
  • Image Optimization

Importance of Clipping Path Services

Several industries employ professionals who have the acumen of this technique. Some of them are:

  • E-commerce Business
    E-commerce websites revolve around photos, and this forms an integral component of the business. E-commerce business owners use this technique regularly to bring the customers’ attention to their products. These high-quality photos generate more traffic which leads to more sales.
  • Printing and Publishing Houses
    These businesses use this technique to make their photos look more professional and attention-grabbing. Many digital and electrostatic companies use clipping path services. They are also used by books, newspapers, and magazine publishers.
  • Photo Studios
    Photographers take high-quality images, but sometimes these images have unwanted items in the background or poor lighting. Hence, many photo studios use clipping path services to remove unwanted items or enhance their pictures. Photo studios use clipping path services for wedding, landscape, wildlife, aerial, and food photography.
  • Fashion Industry
    The fashion industry revolves around the looks of its products. Their product images are their unique selling point, whether it’s a clothing item, model, or accessory. If their images aren’t attention-grabbing, they will not generate sales. Photo editing is an integral part of this industry, hence they use clipping path services to highlight the best features of their product.
  • Architecture & Interior Design Industries
    Architects and visual designers employed in these industries also use this technique to make their photos visually appealing. These visually appealing photos are integral in terms of marketing projects, properties, real estate, and interior designs.


High-quality and professional-looking photos are the requirements of today’s marketplace. In other words, these photos are a representation of their brands. Many brands and businesses have recognized the need for high-quality visuals and the benefits of photo editing techniques. Clipping path services have made such businesses and industries more profitable, and business owners are using this technique to stay ahead of their competition.

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