How Photo Retouching Services Assist Ecommerce Businesses?

The emergence of E-commerce business websites has brought everything within an arm’s reach. They have made the buying processes faster, affordable, flexible, and most of all convenient. Customers can now conveniently shop online from the comfort of their rooms without the hassle of visiting the market. It is not only convenient but also time and cost-effective.

The Importance of Photos in E-commerce Websites

Photos are the most significant feature of any e-commerce website. During online shopping, customers tend to focus more on the photos of the product than on the actual product description. Businesses attract customers to their products by displaying attractive photos and images. In today’s world of evolving technology, it is difficult to imagine an e-commerce website without any photos.

Nowadays, people would hardly consider buying anything without an image. So, you can only imagine how uncomfortable the shopping experience can become if the photo is of poor quality. Photos are the verification of the seller’s claims. They help you understand the product’s quality and brand worth. Hence, they directly impact sales. Good quality photos can increase engagement, generate traffic, and even lead to conversion in sales.

Most e-commerce business owners have recognized their importance. As a result, they seek professional experts’ help for photo retouching services.

Let’s take a look at what defines photo retouching before highlighting its importance in e-commerce businesses.

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is a technique to remove all noticeable imperfections from a photo, including:

  • The correction of color and tone
  • Removal of blemishes
  • Under-eye/dark circles removal
  • Brightness change
  • Contrast and saturation

Sometimes it also includes the removal of certain background elements or the addition of extra elements. This process of photo retouching is called airbrushing.

Importance of Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching increases traffic on your product page. The retouched photo creates a trustworthy brand image and can directly impact sales. There are many ways that photo retouching can impact e-commerce businesses.

Increase in Conversion Rates

According to surveys, selling rates of high-quality images are higher than those of low-quality images. High-quality images of the product appeal to customers in making instant purchasing decisions. They also help build trust and confidence of the customers and impact their final decision. So, excluding photos that “sell” from your list during the era of online shopping is no longer an option. They have become an integral part of e-commerce websites, simply because the art of photo retouching increases conversions.

Unique Presentation

Product presentation can be the difference between attraction and actual conversion to sales. Most sellers don’t pay attention to such detail and end up losing out on potential leads. Unappealing photo presentations make customers hesitant to further explore the product. To attract more customers, e-commerce businesses should hire professional photo retouching artists. Photo retouching can make their products look more appealing and can bring them to life, making them more attractive for customers.

Builds Credibility

People tend to buy more from people who look and act professionally. Photo retouching can help you look like a professional. This consistency and professional outlook help build brand credibility for a business. This in turn helps to build customers’ trust towards your e-commerce website.

Decreases Bounce Rate

Customers have a tendency to walk away from anything that comes across as unprofessional. So, imagine if they see an unappealing, imperfect image of a product. They will be reluctant to explore that product further. That is why e-commerce websites need to hire experts who can help to stop this from happing. Retouching photos make them look professional and this, in turn, attracts customers into visiting the product page.

Most Commonly Used Retouching Manipulations

Some of the most common retouching photo manipulations in products are:

Background Removal

Many e-commerce websites use pictures with a white background because it brings focus to the product. It makes the product look simple and easier to focus on.

Sharpening of Object and its Edges

It is only used on some specific part of a product to engage the customer’s attention. This manipulation emphasizes details of a product.

Liquify Tool to Clean the Edges

Cleaning the edges of some products like bags and clothes make them look more professional and neater.

Adjusting the Color

It is used to make some adjustments to the under and overexposed images.

Model Retouching

The removal of blemishes or whitening of teeth produces a more appealing lifestyle product photo.

Resizing the Image

Resizing and cropping are important as many e-commerce websites have requirements for uploading certain-sized images. For example, Shopify resizes the photo according to its high-resolution requirements.


As an e-commerce website owner, you probably have many aspects of your business to take care of. But It is imperative to hire the services of a photo retouching professional if you want to survive in the competition. Professional images are an essential part of your branding strategy because they can play an integral part in inducing the customers to choose your website over others.

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