How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Images?


Humans are visual creatures. Visual appeal is the first thing we notice about people and objects. With a shift towards online shopping, the retail market has completely transformed. Product images are a deal-breaker nowadays since we do not have the convenience or the luxury of interacting with products the way we want in physical stores. Hence, we have to rely on their visuals. The quality of your product’s image can make or break your brand, especially if you are selling on Amazon.

With over 2.4 million active sellers on Amazon, the competition is extremely tough. You have to stand out among millions to sell your products, and images can turn out to be your unique selling proposition. Your product images not only increase conversions but also boost your product pages’ SEO ranking.

Remember to acquaint yourself with Amazon image requirements before listing your products and always think about their viewed context. No matter what product you are selling, there are a couple of optimization tips that apply to all images. Here are some such tips that should help you optimize your images and drive conversions.

Tips for Optimizing Amazon Product Images

Follow the Amazon Image Requirements

There are a set of Amazon product image requirements that you are required to follow if you want to get your product listings approved. If you don't follow the Amazon image requirements and related technical prerequisites, Amazon can reject your products even if your image is of high quality.

We recommend always going through their site for updated Amazon product image requirements. Some of the most important Amazon image requirements are:

  • Your product images must be at least 1000 pixels wide and 1600 pixels on the longest side for the zooming experience. You should not make photos exceed 10,000 pixels on the longest side.
  • Your image product’s background should be pure white.
  • Your product should be visible, filling at least 85% of the image.
  • JPEG is the most preferred image format in Amazon, but you can also use PNG, GIF, or TIFF.
  • Your file name should have a product identifier (For example, Amazon ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC), followed by a period and your file extension.
  • You should avoid dashes, spaces, or additional characters in your file names if you want your images to go online.
  • Images should not have any text, logos, watermarks, extra accessories, or even a mannequin.

You can upload 1 main image and 6 supporting images of your product on Amazon. Amazon image requirements are the same for your supporting images. However, you can use these supporting images to showcase your product's different angles.

Follow the Category Requirements

Always pay attention to the category requirements, as Amazon sometimes has different requirements per category. Check the guideline frequently to keep up with the updated requirements.

Prioritize your Product Images

Amazon gives you the option of uploading multiple images of your product, and you can prioritize them according to your preference. This prioritization displays them in a sequence on your product page and the search result.

Indicating your main product image and prioritizing the rest is essential for allowing the customers to go through your product in a sequence. Multiple images let them see the product from various angles. It helps them evaluate your product which eventually leads to conversions.

Use High-Quality Images

High-quality images are the branding of your product. They are an essential aspect of online selling as they generate trust among customers. They attract customers and remove uncertainties from their minds. High-quality images are also one of the Amazon product image requirements. Some of the key Amazon image requirements are:

  • Your product images must be real, as Amazon doesn’t accept illustrations, drawings, or vectors. You also cannot use animations in your main image, and only a still GIF is acceptable.
  • Your product images should not have any extra or unrelated items in the frame. These items can create ambiguity, and your customers can get confused.
  • Your product images should have a high resolution. Amazon will not accept any pixelated or out-of-focus image.
  • Your product images should be free of any inappropriate or offensive messages.

Keep your product photos realistic; it would be advisable if you can hire a professional to do this for you. Transparency and quality are equally important while selling your product.

Pay Attention to the Frame

Pay special attention to your product image’s edges and corners. The Amazon product image requirements instruct you to fill 85% of the frame and not to cut off the product from the edge of your image. The product should take up as much space as possible so people can notice it easily, but it should also have a smart placement.

Add Backgrounds to the Supporting Images

According to the Amazon product image requirements, the main image’s background should be white, but you can use a different background for supporting photos. Depending on your product, you can add a suitable environment to the image, showing its usage in a more realistic setting.

This is extremely useful if you are selling products like furniture or pieces of interior decoration. However, avoid adding extra objects that can cause ambiguity.

Provide Important Information With Graphics

Although not applicable to your main image, you can include graphics and text in your supporting photos to highlight the key features that distinguish your product from others. This ensures that people notice your product and pay attention to the important details. Keep the text on the supporting images minimal and avoid copying the whole thing from the product description.


Images are the most crucial element in a saturated platform like Amazon. Optimized images can get you ahead of your competition, boost your views and lead to conversions. Your images reflect the quality of your product. Even though optimizing your product images in accordance with the Amazon image requirements can be time-consuming, consider them as your salesforce. Keep in mind that your product image should answer all the relevant questions that your consumers may have in their minds.

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