Tips To Optimize Etsy Product Images


Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find an e-commerce website for every domain. Digitization has changed everything about the retail world, and people are now more inclined towards online shopping.

If you are an artisan and looking to sell your handmade goods, several e-commerce websites can help you. Etsy is one of those e-commerce websites. Home to 1.6 million sellers and millions of buyers, Etsy is an ideal place for artisans who don’t have their own websites and want to gain exposure.

Images are the most crucial component of Etsy, and just like any other e-commerce platform, it also has some guidelines for them. It is not a complicated platform but driving consistent sales can be a bit challenging, and images can make or break your brand. So, if you have just started selling handmade goods, and you are confused about optimizing your images, this guide is for you.

Tips for Optimizing Etsy Images

It is imperative to acquaint yourself with any e-commerce platform’s image guidelines before listing your products. Here are some tips that can help you optimize your images for driving sales.

Follow the Image Size Guidelines

The minimum required size for listing product images on Etsy is 2000px along the shortest side with 72PPI resolution. You can increase this size because more pixels per square inch means better quality photos. Etsy also has defined the size requirements for each type of image:

  • Mini shop banner:Requires minimum 1200x600px
  • Cover Photo (Big Shop Banner): Minimum requirement: 1200x300px Recommended size: 3360x840px
  • Profile Photo: 500x500px
  • Order Receipt Banner: 760x100px
  • Carousel Banner: 1200x300px (Only on Etsy Plus)
  • Collage banner: for 2 images it requires: minimum 600x300px each; For 3 images it requires: a minimum of 400x300px each; For 4 images it requires: a minimum of 300x300px each (Only on Etsy Plus)

Etsy has image requirements for every type of image on their website, we recommend visiting it to go through them in detail.

Use a landscape Image

Your first photo should always be landscape because it looks better in a search as it gets cropped in a thumbnail view. A landscape photo ensures your product appears in the center, making the customers curious about your product and driving conversions. Any other format will distort the image and will lead to ambiguity.

Other Image Guidelines to Be Followed

Supported File Type: JPEG is the most commonly used format and although you can use static GIFs and PNGs, Etsy does not accept transparent PNGs and animated GIFs.

File Size: You can upload the file under 1 MB and anything above this limit will cause upload problems.

Color Requirements: It is better to convert images to sRGB color format so they remain the same after uploading and do not distort.

Resolution: The required resolution for your product images is 3000x2250px.

Use A Simple Background

Your main photo represents your product as it is responsible for getting views and then translating them into sales. The best way to get the customers' attention is to use a simple background for your first image. Many sellers on Etsy go with white or wood image backgrounds to bring attention to their products.

Create A Cohesive Look

If you are using multiple photos for your product, make sure that they have the same aesthetic and similar shapes. This will help to create a cohesive look, and it will also define your brand. You can go with a background or you even use a theme to create an effective cohesive presentation of your product.

Use High-Quality Images

Images represent your products, and they are an important component of your online retail business. They can either make or break your brand. As people cannot touch the product during online shopping, they rely on their visual senses to evaluate it. High-quality images can attract your potential customers, and they can remove uncertainties from their minds. While listing your products, you must keep certain things in your mind regarding images:

  • Use a simple background in your first product image
  • Use natural light to take your product images and avoid harsh flashes
  • Don’t include any extra item in your image
  • Your product should be in the center of the image
  • Your images should have a correct size and high resolution
  • Upload similarly shaped listing photos
  • Highlight the best bits of your product
  • You can use a few simple edits to make your photos look more professional
  • Avoid using watermarks or text in your product images

Upload Multiple Images For A Product

Etsy also gives you the option to upload 10 images for your product. Additional photos help you show different aspects of your product and make it easier for the customers to evaluate your product. These photos also give extra details of your product to the customers and help to clear ambiguity from their minds.

Pay Attention to Image Thumbnails

Your thumbnail images should have enough space in the border, so the product doesn't get cut after they are cropped to square thumbnails. To make sure it doesn’t happen, follow these tips:

  • You should always crop your images to ensure your image frame is accurate. There are many tools available to crop your images and you can also use Etsy’s crop tool.
  • Your products’ photos should be taken from a distance and should have enough available space, so it’s easier to crop them.
  • Always upload horizontal or landscape images and avoid square crops
  • Use a 4:3 aspect ratio in your images


Image optimization can get you ahead of your competitors, and it can help your brand grow. Images create impressions on customers and enhance the product descriptions. They play a crucial role in a buyer’s decision because they are dependent on visual representation in an online shopping environment. Customers tend to click on images they find appealing even when they are not looking to buy that particular product. Hence, if you don’t follow the requirements, you will lose customers. We hope this guide helped clear your confusion about Etsy’s image requirements.

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